Regalis Foods is New York City's leading importer of fresh truffles, rare foraged edibles, caviar, and an ever-evolving array of unique ingredients.

Regalis Foods was founded in 2012 by Ian Purkayastha. Ian began working in the industry at age 15 foraging for mushrooms in his small hometown in Arkansas. Moving to New York at 18, Purkayastha began introducing his truffles, caviar, and wild foraged goods to top Michelin starred restaurants in the city. He quickly developed a loyal following and established a reputation as a preeminent expert in his field. 

In 2015, industry veterans David Yourd and Karrie Kimble partnered with Purkayastha in Regalis. This partnership has brought the company a depth of experience that has facilitated a period of unprecedented growth. 

In January 2017, Regalis merged with Dallas distributor, Rare Edibles, to form Regalis TX, managed by Bryan Dunn. Regalis' direct import sourcing combined with Dunn's personal relationships in Dallas has given local chefs a channel for premium ingredients never before seen in the region. 

Regalis opened its 3rd warehouse in Chicago with managing partner, Benjamin Rogers, in May 2018. Regalis Chicago quickly established itself with the most prolific restaurants in the city.   

Today Regalis Foods has blossomed into one of the nation’s most respected luxury food purveyors. Focused only on premium ingredients, Regalis imports fresh truffles from seven different countries. Regalis Caviar has established itself among the top brands in the industry. Regalis branded truffle products can be found in key retailers nationwide. Regalis also offers an ever expanding range of wild edibles, live seafood, specialty proteins, as well as direct European and Asian imports.

Regalis Foods ships directly nationwide and works with a select group of distinguished regional specialty food distributors.