Red Carabinero Prawns


Red Carabinero Prawns

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Features: The Carabinero prawn has an extremely long history in the cuisines of the coastal towns in Spain. Though associated with Andalusian food the species actually stretches all the way up to Catalonia in the north east. Palamos prawns are commonly prepared in a very simple manner, just a high quality olive oil and salt, cooked on a placha.

Species: Aristeus antennatus

Origin: Huelva, Spain but are found along the Spanish Mediterranean coast

Flavor Profile: More complex in flavor than the common prawn and strongly associated with Catalonian cooking the flesh of the Carabinero prawn is firm, succulent and sweet.

Spec: Noted for its extreme red coloration, the Palamos prawn is similar in appearance to a poached shrimp.  Our prawns are instant quick frozen (IQF) on the ship to maintain a higher quality then even some fresh product due to the instant stabilizing of the nutrients preservation of the flesh through in contrast to fresh during a long voyage or slower freezing methods.

Season: Available throughout the year

Purchasing Options: Sold by the case, billed by the pound, frozen

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